How to purchase Minecraft without Credit card or PayPal

What’s been up guys it’s UXRO here and in this tutorial I will show you how to purchase minecraft premium by simply going to any store, so I’m talking about buying minecraft without owning any credit card or anything else, so only thing that you need to have is money so this is not how to get it for free but how to purchase it. So go to shop ask for paysafecard which is basically just a piece of paper and that piece of paper you will just have 16 digits number so paysafecard, let me just get the quick image on how it should look like and here it is I think and on this piece of paper, you can see here’s the digit so it should be 16 digits paysafecard code and after you got it all you need to do is go to Minecraft home page and login to your account and hit store. So when your own store page go to, get minecraft and simply wait till the page opens so after it open up you will need to select name, so let’s just say”UXRO UXRO”, select your country, so I will go with “Slovenia” and now you got payment so if you don’t have credit card you can use PayPal or diners credit card but you probably don’t have these two or any of this if you’re watching this video so just go with paysafecard after hit it hit purchase for 19,95$ and wait a bit till the new page opens up so after you here on this page “I will just translated it to English” you will need to type your 16 digit PIN code so that just type random numbers and it was check if it’s correct and I’m not sure if you can just add more of them but maybe you can maybe you can’t, but I think you can as this “+” should give you the amount of money on here and after you got 19,99€ or $25 or as much as it costs $10 hit “Yes I accept terms and conditions” and hit pay so after you hit pay, it will take you back to Minecraft page and you will own minecraft premium account, so that’s basically the really easiest step on how to purchase money if you don’t have credit card.

If you have any questions or other things that you might like to ask or say, just say it in the comment section below and I will answer them as soon as I see comment. I didn’t purchase Minecraft because i already own premium one but you need to know this is safe page as it’s connected to Minecraft and you can get PaySafeCard in basically any shop around you, so that’s pretty much for this video thanks for watching, leave a like and subscribe if you like to 😀 and thanks for watching and have a nice day <3 =D