Hey everybody, Ludwiggle here! Today, I just want to show you a fast way to get all of your mods managed for minecraft and how you can do it. Some of you may know how to do this, but I thought I would do a short video on how to do it. So, what you want to do if you want to manage all of your mods really easily is to go to and you want to search for twitch minecraft launcher. It’s right here. And you want to go to this website, it’s called “”.

When this launches, you just want to click on the download button and you will have the .exe (Windows). You want to save, and I am going to go ahead and hit cancel and show you what happens after you install it. So, if I just type Twitch… you can see that I already have it installed. It takes a second to load here. We can see that we are in twitch now. So, what you want to do is if you go to Mods and if you do not see minecraft here, first of all, you have to make sure minecraft is already installed. If minecraft is not installed, you need to go ahead and get it off After that, you might to go down to file ->settings-> minecraft and just make sure you see this minecraft here. If you don’t see minecraft in your settings, that means minecraft is missing. I’ll tell you about this window here in a second. But anyways, once you have minecraft loaded here and installed on your PC and you have twitch open, you want to click “minecraft” and you can that I already have a few mods here. Let’s say I want to add a new modpack. I can easily do “Browse all modpacks” and I can see all of these modpacks. I can even search FTB packs, which are “Feed the beast”packs. But yeah, let’s just say I want to get, uh, let’s say FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12. I just click install right here and it’s downloading everything. So it’s downloading off twitch’s servers and in just a second, I will show you what happens. Alright, so we will see that it’s almost done installing here. See, all of the mods are now installed. Now, the game is ready to launch.

There is now a play button if you hover over this, or if you just go back to my modpacks right here, you can click on, uh, your new modpack. All you have to do is click play and it’s going to launch the, uh, minecraft launcher – if it will launch – here it is. And you’ll see in just a second that it will load up the profile. FTB Presents direwolf20 and just click play and you are all set to go! So, there are like a few questions you might have about like RAM and everything that you need to associate with your pack. And the first you probably want to do is click on this little menu up here, click File -> Settings -> (go down to) Minecraft, and these are your global settings. Uh, for the Java settings, you can see that I have maximux currently set to 6.1 GB, but you can set that to whatever you want. Here, you can also say if you want to use the native minecraft launcher or use the JAR launcher, which is the Java version. I think they did like a C# version of the launcher recently, so I personally just perfer the Java version. So, these settings are all global, but say there is a modpack here you just want to have that one modpack have more RAM. Say that TolkienCraft for example that I already have installed, here. If I right click, I can do, uh, new profile. Now the profile page will show up here. You don’t have to wait for this to finish loading, but up here you see these three dots […].

You might not see that, I just noticed. Let me scoot this window over. Okay, so right here you will see three dots right beside the button that says “Get more content”. If you click on that, you can do “Profile Options” and in here, it says “Use system settings for memory” but you if uncheck that, you can allocate however much RAM you want for this specific modpack and it not be impacting what you set in the system settings, which we did up here. So, let’s just say for an example we want to set this to, uh, 7.5 GB or just about. Click “OKAY” and when you launch the game, it will launch with the correct amount of RAM and you can see that if you go to “Edit profile”, you can see here, right here, there is the ram that we set. The last thing that you can do in here that is pretty fun in the twitch launcher is click on “Mods”. You can create custom profiles! So, um, if we go to “Create Custom Profile”, you can type in say like “Test pack”. You can use version 1.10.2, sure – why not! And we will use this version of forge, which is already selected for us. Click “OKAY”. It’s installing for us. And there we are – Test Pack. So, if we click “Test Pack”, we can see that we have no mods in this pack. So, if we click on “Get Mods”, you can see all of these mods that we can install that are compatible with it, but they may not actually be, uh, the hardest part about making a modpack is making sure everything works. So, what I always recommend installing is JEI (Just Enough Items) and something called Journey Map.

Those are my two go to mods. Journey Map provides a minimap in game for you; you can set waypoints; and NEI (or JEI), which I just showed you, allows you to see what you are looking at and see the item names and also lets you, uh, see all of the items on the right side of the screen that are in the game. These are just two, I think, essential mods you need. But other than that, you can just go though all their mods, see what you might want – say you want “Iron Chests”. All you got to do is click on this install button right here and it’s installed! And you go back, click the back button. You are in your pack. You can see all of these are enabled. And you can easily just click “Play”, it launches the game for you, and you can go! But anyways, I really hope that this video has been helpful to you all, and if you have any questions, please let me know! Thanks so much for watching and have a good day!