How Minecraft USED to Look

Hey, what’s going on guys like that zip here look before you’re very high as you see the very first ever world created by Knotch the original maker of Minecraft this is what it looked like it was known as cave game Tech Demo before it was known as Minecraft and if you’re wondering why it looks a little bit like this that’s because it is the very oldest version of Minecraft it came out way back almost 10 years ago in 2009 and what you’re going to be seeing in this video is a look at how Minecraft has changed over the years with respect to its block types its differences in terrain some of its gameplay Mechanics and a lot more interesting stuff as well There’s a whole lot of Nostalgia nears if you’re an old Minecraft player You’re sure to enjoy and if you’re a new one, you’re going to learn a whole lot So if you enjoy the buddy make sure you smash it like us But appreciate a lot of time went into this it was by xavier hodge if you want to check out his channel He is a command block pro amongst, so many other things in the Minecraft community, and he makes awesome videos as well It’s late in the description if you enjoyed like I said leave a like subscribe Because there might be a part two depends on how long this is a worse guy and with that

Let’s go ahead and break things down version at a time before there was Minecraft as we know today Before there was Minecraft Beta before there was alpha before there was Classic in Dev Em Dead before there was all of them there was notch’s first test That’s right. Cave game. Tech test. Tech Demo. What is going on look at this world? This is the original version of Minecraft as we know it today This was created originally and uploaded on may 13th 2009 and it was consisted of a procedurally generated area by not that showed off different mechanics using Dwarf Fortress and infinite miner aspired techniques in order to create a blocky world that was different every single time it Spawned in look at this two blocks to choose from ignores that is the lime Hardened Kaleo Gates of Resourcepack so that we can show off the world some big field there are only two different types of blocks for this version of Minecraft and You look at him It was grass with grass on every side and it was Cobblestone and found throughout Or just little patches of holes in the land just grass and Cobblestone and all you could do was Place and break blocks there was no health there was no food. There was no adventure.

There was no cage It was break and place Blocks over and over until you went crazy what even particles they didn’t even look this pretty? I mean truly, what a Wasteland We’re like walking around and right now although it is real nostalgic admit Oh wow. Oh something would say we found our first game man. Look at this This is like such a blast from the past I could not imagine That knotch had any idea what Minecraft would turn into like no one did I don’t I don’t blame the guy I know what has that kind of future telly and could do call me the world itself was not infinite It was finite And it was pretty small in fact this little cube area is pretty much the size of the original Minecraft world, you couldn’t do anything with it And you couldn’t do anything very far either The top of the world was flat to say the least and if you managed to make it all the way to the bottom you would have noted that there was no way of Recovering from the void you see you’d fall like this, and it didn’t look as dark and scary as it does I died oops but then something changed my friends who Minecraft is shown to the public for the first time in 2009, but this is a Minecraft classic just yet We’ll get there these are some of the original Open Betas.

We’re not decided to start letting people play around with his creation We now have the basic building blocks This was the new texture for grass you had dirt you had stone all the standards But you had these classic looking planks This was the original wooden plank texture kind of drab Almost has like a little tinge of pink to it mostly gray though, not too colorful.

Yes, water Hadn’t changed too much either and of course the classic looking cobblestone a lot darker than we are used to with today’s Cobblestone, and now we had our basic coloring templates we had enough blocks to start creating some form of art And this is actually a screen grab from one of the original Versions of Minecraft users creations. This is like something that was like an iconic mine in fact if we can find the picture We’re putting it up on screen right now comparing the original to this guy I remember seeing this shortly after the game came out life changed to me Now updates continue to come out for the game however the real one was when terrain improved and we suddenly had Some forms of hills for us to actually move around in. Yes That’s right if you were to find on YouTube the archive of not just old YouTube channel You could see some of these classic landscapes in effect as they were actually being developed and we’ve done our best to recreate What these old versions of Minecraft look like still very bare not too much going on to be perfectly honest it is Just kind of his head blocks hanging out you random holes in the ground. No, that’s good nice. Fine here We got planks it’s all good. I love planks trees Minecraft trees Minecraft they added trees to Minecraft in one of the updates and boy did it change everything about the game?

They’re actually a little annoying living things that you can turn into house is finally sprouting up from the ground Whereas before it was just Nothing really important going on You can turn on clouds now because that was it looks clouds, not cloud you Looks cloud they’re finally clouds now to clouds and trees came out at the same time in that night And we started to see some other fixtures like lakes water lakes started to become procedurally generated and not only water lakes But Lava lakes as well not to want to change things up and bring some spice to the landscape now Here’s a fun fact water used to flood anything and everything look what happens when I break this block This is how water used to move every single place that water can fill in it would fill in Just like this and every single block would turn into another source block So if you accidentally had water flow into an underground gauge system ooh, baby You would have a very quick underwater grotto as you can see on screen right here

This is an example of how water used to flow courtesy of a video on the news a jKa the knotch archive and wow That is intimidating seeing that happen in the caves were you looking at stupid Anyways this world looks beautiful There was finally some nice color everywhere some white to dot the blue skies green trees all over we had sand eventually added and then we even got some brick blocks that eventually made their way into Minecraft as well however the bridge wow sorry the brick and plank textures are about to change as well alongside their counterparts the beautiful or Textures these are full blocks of the various gems and preciousness diseases that were added to Minecraft and if you want more detail and information about some of the mechanics of old Minecraft Live a lot like alfred say goodbye to the earliest version of Minecraft because now it’s time for Minecraft Classic this is where things start to take a faster pace for the updates of Minecraft first of all zombies and health Finally added here’s our first deer look at his zombie friend. Hey, buddy How y’all doin, man, and not only that but there was health finally added still We’re not any of these hunger things that you can see in the bottom right here But there were hearts and food works in a different way as well But if you want to see all that worked well as videos of that plenty on my channel like I said I’m a video guy. I’m really cool. Now. You can see over here Is that knotch accidentally messed up pigs and that is what formed?

Creepers Nasser is originally trying to turn the creeper We’re trying to make a pig and instead of making the body Sideways like this it ended up vertical by mistake And if you notice that’s why creepers have very similar looking pig feet to it with boo boo pigs You hear that stupid you were supposed to be a pig uh-huh?

I hate you sheep, were added as well Yeah, that little sheep your first look at Minecraft what y’all y’all looking at Is it is it a hole more about what that was in a second for now glass? Glass made its way into Minecraft as well the oldest version of the game even had a nice little decorative blocks like that but probably the most impressive thing was Bedrock was finally thing and it has not aged a single day the texture has not changed once there’s not too many textures I haven’t changed once since Minecraft original inception It’s oddly really pretty anyway signs were eventually added so that we could make this video for you guys And did make it real nice to explain in video makes xavier but we’re going to get rid of these guys because they don’t like what they say they get my way and Basically right around this time is when things started to take a turn for the combat themed Named skeletons and spiders were added in addition to zombies and their animal friends except skeletons Did in fact sound a little bit different as well now. I’m not sure we’ve got their new salomon Nah, it’s the same now right around this time is when the game was considered in its mode known as in Dev as in short for in Development this was Minecraft as it was currently being developed live well I mean they have an age ago is not being developed by knotch live anymore But it’s still being updated

Thankfully bo’s were literal machine guns if you happen to grab one from one of your skeleton friends or make one for yourself Now if you can see right here you see we’ve got a nice little right-click This is how the arrows used to fly you just right click once now again We use in command blocks to make it look a little better than it is but they used to shoot Instantly and an extremely fast there was no charging the arrows back. I can’t hit him yet. Ohyeah ein Yo, yori remake. Goodbye easy does it man? I’ll show him watch check it out Okay, I think that’s good. That’s good me on the spot. Look hey. I hate you You idiot the worst guy you know this guy can take a beating yeah much better now I’m gonna keep these for protection go to the Minecraft wiki breaking along You should get you three to five pieces of wood on doing that and we only got one here But that’s because this is a new Minecraft And you know there’s some things we just can’t show off to you in video form you know it can’t be Magic all the time You know now what you can see here is the new version instead This is when everything became Infinite these old worlds were contained.

They were all a certain size once you reach the end of your world the border You couldn’t move any further in step is what led to the infinite game? We know as Minecraft today the workbench is finally here. You can craft things like swords You can actually you know do some stuff right clouds are now in 3d. They used to be dull 2d I didn’t show that that’s my bad You can actually still enable this if you go too fast. This is what clouds? Oh come on because I got optifine there’s like lots of other details than normal this is what the clouds used to look like right? This was and when am dEV came they became 3D and that just lovely now check this out This is also the update that added the far. Land. You don’t know the far lands Are it is the landscapes that appear once you make it out like? 32 Million blocks hidden people are still trying to travel the far lands as a shout out to Kurt J mac Good luck on your journey my friend 32 million blocks away the game starts to glitch so bad that this is what the landscape turns into the fog

The water flows in an odd way We’ve got random holes peeking through the land. It’s really interesting stuff I’ve never personally made it you all want to see if our lands view let me know if that liable say you trade me in Like this, it’s really not a bad deal seriously dungeons were added and they were never changed since the current dozens You can find in Minecraft today are the very same ones that were originally available all the way back in if Dead like in 2009 10 years almost and no changez monstrous ponder’s had a slight change in color but other than what you could find in them not Too much has been altered you know maybe the updated Loot tables here and there, but they look exactly the same now there used to be human mobs Which have since been removed beast boy Steve Black Steve and Rana? Yes Those are all of their actual names you want a video on those Use of Pattern here not only that but large pyramids used to spawn randomly in the world.

They didn’t really do anything They were just there to spruce up the random generation I guess I never actually played right around when these guys were in in games So I don’t know that I ever saw these or maybe I did play and I just ever happened to cross one It’s not they were exactly common, but they were definitely there now probably the most important feature of endeavors that is infinite development But I actually only believe that son worlds are not anthony Yeah, we already covered that sighs get with the program obscene walls used to mark the cardinal directions You see of where the world used to I don’t really know what that one’s talking about, but trusted It’s on a sign yeah yeah, there’s more over there. I want to explore the far lands real quick since I never made it I’m curious to see like how it looks nice.

This is wild looking hey, man I really should do a video on this this is super cool like there’s just little games and old that you can try and peek your way through the love Hanging out with it. Wow you know that’s a that’s a look at this you hear me. I’m like sizzling right now Ain’t that funny wow that’s sweet now that Minecraft had its basic color palette It’s basic terrain shape it was time for embed a to come to an end and so what is behind this wall. Well my Welcome to alpha who? Missed all Jam Moment, just came over me This is when I started to play Minecraft seven or eight years ago now ba-bye and Dev Diamond denying you see you have these lovely blocks They are going away into these new iron blocks as well alpha 1.2 Was when these guys came and the gold blocks came out. We’re gonna talk about those later These are what the new blocks would look like again I already have a video talking about most of these things But what I really want to show you is just the change in terrain It was really just the same thing everywhere there weren’t biomes yet There were trees here and there all well here and there they were literally everywhere Is all you really have things to change up the trade with yes some sand Caves everything used to be different in fact we probably stay on the path so that we’re not losing track of anything, right? so the old Fashioned textures the changes were coming soon these were the furnaces and the dispensers look like in these times Let’s keep following the path so we can see with neg go check this out.

Yo yikes This little nice gravel beaches hey, that’s good stuff. Huh, what else do we got going on here next side well It’s really far away I guess we’ll just fly to the rest part what we have here is the biomes the transitions weren’t as smooth so now you Have things like beaches and gravel beaches and and the Hilly Grass areas and not as Hilly grass there if it just lovely oh So uh I’ve got to mention all the way back here and in devon instead flowers lovely little flowers We’re adding a nice pair as you can see how everything turns from just green everywhere To finally some change in what we’re looking at when we are hanging out around these whirls now the next sign You can see right over here shows up a new addition cold Beach these were all Over the place in the original days of Minecraft and not only were cold beaches common But in the older versions of Minecraft there were certain snow worlds where it didn’t matter What bime you’re in it was snowing at all times What you’re seeing on screen here is a video of those original weather worlds where it was snowing no matter What biome you happen to be in and it would never go away? In fact in those worlds those are the only words that could snow if you were in other lands there was snow But there was no snow falling from the sky that wasn’t implemented until much later Now bowled onto your hoodies because things are about to get hot Then there was the nez back in the day. No for snow blazes no Magma no withers no cords so it’s hard to talk for like 20 minutes straight I triple backwards sometimes this was the nether in its full and lovely form and I even have an old edition of this that is on my Channel actually, I think it’s unlisted because I was a bad boy, and I used to say bad words in my here Don’t don’t go looking you can find nothing good kids, but other than that It was just a dark dreary place with little Lava Falls here and there live all over the place You know there was a there was gasps I think in zombie pigmen, but throughout all those extra mobs the Lava looked nasty look like cut like cheese nacho cheese Hey, it’s not Joe cheese.

That’s my cheese ouch you’ll hit myself a bit wall now my friends. It’s time for beta From alpha to Beta all the way through to beta one point eight the bricks changed so did the grass so did the lab? Is this is before Beta and this is after beta in fact there were still a few things that look the same Like Lava still looks like cheese. Don’t don’t look at me like I told you to get in they get in there I did get it gravel still looked ugly right, but you starting to see some other fun additions popping up namely the grass wasn’t so Blatantly green anymore there was actual grass that appears for beer in there You’ve got sugar canes growing originally called reeds changed up, and you started to see some additional alterations like More open style caves that led the different things in fact the terrain was so different that it didn’t even feel like the Same game when things switched over to beta so much had changed like look at this. This is beautiful What what’s that you say, it looks like the same caves is you’re used to well you’re wrong okay? Just just trust me finally cobblestone was changed to this nice lighter color you see Modern Cobble added Mossy Cobble it looks like it was affected to look kind of the same brightness and contrast level and finally goodbye to the old gold blocks which kind of look like Blaze heads without the eyes or anything am I right anybody these are the new gold blocks? And they definitely don’t remember them sounding like that, but that’s ok gold blocks are finally chains It’s all right guys now one huge update was the fact that Village is rad But they were empty no villagers yet in fact Villagers weren’t even originally called Villagers They were called pacific ‘its and those are added in the 1.0 official release of Game, but for now these were all Barren empty lands for you to find these just Deserted houses got a kind of a spooky farm or rolling hills all over the place pumpkin Patches would spawn More and more biome diversity over there you can see some swamp get out of my swamp Mmm, the Caves are completely different alongside all the terrain changes as well We already kind of peaked and some here and there But namely they were very rounded off and a lot of the time they were super open And you could explore open-ended cave systems for extremely long periods of time and just like that we’ve reached the end This is pretty much. What Minecraft looks like today what you’re seeing right in front of you There was a major terrain changes in one-Point-seven But for the most part there wasn’t any changes outside of that except for jungles which are added in Minecraft? 1.2 look at this world before your eyes it probably looks a little more familiar than you’re used to well I mean, I’ll have smooth lighting on you’ll watch y’all going to see how it changes look much better You see that lighting makes a world of difference doesn’t it there are a few more terrain and texture changes as you can see right here I’ve got a full video on that that I probably mentioned six times in this one, so if you haven’t watched yeah I don’t know to tell you if you want to find out more though.

That’s where you’re going to find it for now This is the end of how Minecraft used to look I hope you all learn something or I hope I brought you back a few years to do some of your finest days at seyoung well I don’t know how old you are but anyways if you enjoyed the video make sure you leave a like on it’s much appreciate if You want to see more videos like this? That’s the best way to show me of course subscribe to get notified and hit that bell abuse well So you can see the next video right as it comes out Oh yeah, these three new stones are added, but no one likes these stones