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LEGO Minecraft Steve’s Castle

What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies and today I’ve built the biggest addition to our Lego Minecraft world series yet. This is a massive Lego Minecraft castle. It stands at over two feet tall and three feet wide is built with an estimated 20,000 Lego bricks. I used torches and trees and tons… Read more »

LEGO Minecart – Minecraft

All right. What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies. And today, I’ve built the Minecraft Minecart. This was of course crafted with five Lego iron ingots. And I’ve given it some wheels as well. And we’re out here on the tracks, to bring it out, give it a little test drive. In Minecraft the… Read more »

LEGO Minecraft The First Night 21115 The Farm 21114

Hello everyone Hello Today We’re going to make Lego Minecraft’s Farm and First Night Yeah. Finally Lego Minecraft Yoyoyoyo • • • So excited~ There are also birch trees Let’s open them. This somehow looks like a grass block In the First Night, there are Bags 1, 2, 3, a green board and the manual… Read more »