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What’s the Fastest way to Travel in Minecraft?

Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo. Welcome back in this one we’re going to be asking the question: What is the fastest way to travel in Minecraft? Now everyone knows that traveling from Point A to point B is extremely boring and I want to help you guys expediate that process as much as possible. So… Read more »

Breaking Minecraft Bedrock…The FINAL Answer!

You know, there’s a question that from time to time I find myself wondering when it comes to Minecraft… Can you mine up bedrock in any way, shape or form in survival Minecraft… …even with modified enchantments and potion effects. Now, I know what you’re thinking. The answer seems like an obvious no. I mean,… Read more »

Minecraft: How to make a Working Microwave

HOW TO MAKE A MICROWAVE Today I’ll make a microwave you can use to cook all of your food automatically! :] It looks great and will even make a ‘ding’ sound once it’s done cooking! It’s easiest to make it up against a wall. The birch wood here will be a counter that continues along… Read more »