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LEGO Piston – Minecraft

What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies and today, I’ve built a lego piston from Minecraft. This was built with around 650 individual Lego bricks. Pistons in Minecraft are crafted with wood Cobblestone, as well as an iron ingot, and some redstone. And you can also take it a step further and add a… Read more »

BETTER TOGETHER 1.2 IS OUT NOW! Minecraft Xbox Update

Hello, i’m ibxtoycat and welcome back to another video Today I have some pretty big news to share with you all guarding Minecraft 1.2 or the better together update for Minecraft on the Xbox because it now officially has released out of me making this video and over the Next few hours you should be… Read more »

Minecraft Secret Code in Xbox One Special Edition!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and you know what that means. Lots and lots of special edition systems and one of the first ones to come out is this Minecraft themed Xbox One S. – Minecraft is my life. – Which we are gonna rip open right now and take a look at. Oh… Read more »


Today, I’ve got something so incredible to show you these are the new XBox Minecraft controllers I am so excited and I am even more surprised because this show it was like door And I didn’t even know I didn’t know I had absolutely no idea so huge Thank you to Xbox because I don’t… Read more »

Minecraft – 5 Observer Traps

Hey guys, I’m NiceMark and today I’ve got some traps to show you that use the observer block. As always, you need to keep in mind that there are different ways to make traps. You can use TNT, lava, a drop trap or even try to drown or suffocate the player. The ones I show… Read more »

What’s the Fastest way to Travel in Minecraft?

Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo. Welcome back in this one we’re going to be asking the question: What is the fastest way to travel in Minecraft? Now everyone knows that traveling from Point A to point B is extremely boring and I want to help you guys expediate that process as much as possible. So… Read more »

Why Cauldrons are the Best Blocks in Minecraft!

(Music) Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and in this one We’re going to take a look at this, the cauldron. A lot of people seem to think that this block right here is a pointless block in Minecraft, but I personally think they’re one of the best and… Read more »

Minecraft: How to make a Working Microwave

HOW TO MAKE A MICROWAVE Today I’ll make a microwave you can use to cook all of your food automatically! :] It looks great and will even make a ‘ding’ sound once it’s done cooking! It’s easiest to make it up against a wall. The birch wood here will be a counter that continues along… Read more »

They couldn’t delete Herobrine from Minecraft..

Minecraft A game of infinite wonder, and endless possibilities For 2 and a half years, Ive dedicated my time on Youtube to seeing just how far I could really push this game. My adventures have allowed me to put on display some truly remarkable occurrences. Do you want to carry the weight of multiple universes… Read more »