Why Cauldrons are the Best Blocks in Minecraft!

(Music) Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo and welcome back to another Minecraft video and in this one We’re going to take a look at this, the cauldron. A lot of people seem to think that this block right here is a pointless block in Minecraft, but I personally think they’re one of the best and here’s why Now we’re going to start things off with a relatively easy one here They allow you to store water in the nether as you can see right here if we chuck down this cauldron chuck some water inside We’ve got ourselves a water source block and thanks to Minecraft 1.9

We can now remove that water from the Cauldron using a water bucket which means that yes We do actually have effective water storage inside the nether Now everyone knows that nether can be a fairly dangerous place and occasionally things can get rather warm as you can see right here But the good news is a filled Cauldron will actually put you out if you can get inside it Back onto the overworld now and as you can see I’m not much of a builder myself But these cauldrons actually make relatively interesting roof designs now the reason for this is because in Minecraft 1.8

The texture was actually changed to make cauldrons 3D instead of just 2d on all four sides I think they look pretty good now on to something I do understand and that is redstone cauldrons can actually transmit Redstone signals using the Comparator if the Cauldron is filled it will give a redstone output now why is this interesting? well first off cauldrons can actually be moved by pistons and they can be moved vertically by pistons which is a very important detail indeed

This is a mechanic that I’ve used a lot in a lot of my redstone contraptions because as you can see over here We’ve got ourselves a redstone block we try and push that up with a piston it extends, but also It doesn’t retract Thanks to quasi Connectivity now quasi connectivity is amazing also slightly complex, not going to be explaining right here But it does often run into issues a bit like this one, but yet another awesome Redstone feature of Cauldrons is the fact that they actually have varying degrees of Redstone signal strength so a full cauldron will give a redstone signal strength of three A Two-thirds filled will give two a one-thirds filled will give one and then of course an empty Cauldron will give a signal strength of zero Really very useful indeed, but anyway moving on from the boring boring and not very useful redstone stuff How do we take a look at the things that actually matter for example? The ability to spy on your neighbors using cauldrons don’t pretend you don’t love this one You can actually use pistons to push blocks on top of cauldrons that have mobs on the inside of them to make them completely oblivious that have mobs on the inside of them to make them completely oblivious to any players around see this guy doesn’t even know that.

I’m here no matter how dark it gets mobs will never spawn on Cauldrons And that’s because cauldrons are completely spawn proof now this of course would be a very expensive And probably rather ugly way to spawn proof your areas, but hey if you’ve got the iron for it And you really like cauldrons. Just like me you might as well on a complete side note They tend to twinkle like Edward Cullen from Twilight whenever you move around so you can’t have Robert Paterson You might as well get yourself a cauldron once again using a certain set of pistons you can make it look like you’re storing heads in buckets

Which is pretty morbid and also fairly disgusting but you know what definitely floats my boat Because the last few have been a tiny bit on the silly side Let’s take a look at actual use for the Cauldron And that is to get rid of dye on armor as you can see I’ve got a lovely purple shirt right here But I fancy a bit of a change so we right-click on the Cauldron It will go back to its original colour a similar feature exists for banners if you make a mistake on a banner And it’s just absolutely disgusting you really want to get rid of it You can actually get rid of the most recent layer using a cauldron

All you have to do is right-click on it And that will remove your most recent action when the weather is rainy in Minecraft cauldrons actually fill up with water But unfortunately this super flat biome that we’ve got right here is technically a desert so I think this thing is gonna remain bone-dry unfortunately but one of the main reasons why I love cauldrons is because they’re unloved nobody seems to like the cauldron everyone seems to think that they’re completely pointless and Nobody cares about them when actually there’s a ton of features to do with cauldrons

They’re probably one of the most feature filled blocks in Minecraft Aside from all of the redstone ones which means that these guys are super useful and I personally think they deserve a lot more love So take to Twitter tell all your friends your family your nan your dog your pets pretty much everyone that cauldrons are brilliant And they’re here to stay. but unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please be sure to click that like button, and if you really loved it Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This has been Mumbo, and I’m out. I’ll see you later.

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