What’s the Fastest way to Travel in Minecraft?

Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo. Welcome back in this one we’re going to be asking the question: What is the fastest way to travel in Minecraft?

Now everyone knows that traveling from Point A to point B is extremely boring and I want to help you guys expediate that process as much as possible. So behind me you can see we’ve got a bunch of 100 Block long strips and I’m going to be testing out all of the different modes of transportation in Minecraft to try and work out Which one is the quickest? I think it’s going to be fairly interesting so let’s crack on so for this first section I’m going to be referring to these guys as the basics that’s because of these three are the most obvious forms of transportation that you Can get in Minecraft you’ve got running then you’ve got minecart And then finally you have got horses so starting things off with running.

I managed to do the entire 100 block long strip in about 17.9 seconds which sounds about right considering you run at 5.6 meters a second in Minecraft Which is really quite slow, so we’re going to be moving on from that one straight onto the Minecart I managed to do the entire strip in 12.8 seconds Which is a lot faster, but still relatively slow compared to the horses which were absolutely Insanely fast first off I spawn myself in at the McLaren of horses this thing was absolutely rapid and it covered the entire 100 blocks in just 2.5 seconds which is completely bonkers, but of course that’s very difficult to achieve in Survival Minecraft So instead I spawned in your average run-of-the-mill slightly rough around the Edges horse and that still did the entire strip in just 4.9 seconds, which is over twice as fast as a minecart and considerably faster than any of the other basics options So I’m definitely going to be going for horses when it comes to basic transportation methods Moving on from the basics. We’ve got a slightly more advanced Air [Bill’s] There’s no redstone contraptions going on just yet, but these are just one step further from the basic so first off We’ve got the compressed dice and the trapdoors then we have got the nether portals

Then we’ve got ender pearls and finally we have got this thing this is for Minecraft 1.9 At the collision boxes were added back in so currently we’ve got 320 cows in this one location when the player lands on the edge of that one they get fired off into the distance and I Can promise you that one’s relatively fast? So let’s get the ball rolling with the packed ice and the trapdoors I managed to get time [off] five point eight seconds But by the end of that, I could see my little meat things going down I was beginning to get hungry which means over a slightly longer You’re probably going to have to stop in it And that could be a little bit frustrating [as] far as the nether portals are concerned in creative mode [I] managed to do it in 4.5 seconds But sadly in survival mode you have to wait for the animation to play through and that [bump] the time up to Twelve point nine Seconds which is really quite slow for this test But what I will point out is that nether portals are by far the best for longer distances it divides the distance by eight so if you combine that with another fast transportation Method then you’re going to be getting places pretty quickly for [enderpearls] I just want all [of] us to take a moment to appreciate how accurate I was with the ender pearls [I] managed to do exactly 100 blocks Landing perfectly on the finish line and you can see in the video clip my absolute amazement at this But I managed to do that entire strip in just five point four seconds Making a pretty quick method of transport if you’ve got yourself an ender ender and a good supply of ender pearls Asking to make things quite easy and finally with Minecraft 1.9. It comes the new collider launches these used to exist in Minecraft 1.3 I do believe but [then] they were removed in some of the updates, but now they’re finally back and they are so much fun I’d completely forgotten about these But you land on the edge of the block and then you just get [shot] off into the distance And I managed [to] do the entire 100 blocks in 1.2 seconds which makes it by far the fastest method of transportation so far But there are a few negatives to do with this first off You’ve got to get a lot of animals into one by one location the second thing is of course you’ve got to deal with the lag of that many animals and the third thing is you can’t build Loads of them because once again they caused quite a bit of lag So that’s something to look out for and finally for the [last] two designs that we of God’s redstone [err] aided travel so first off we have got to this ender pearl launcher which launches ender pearls up to 75 blocks

Which could cause a little bit of a problem in [terms] of this hundred block long test? But we’ll get onto that in a couple seconds, but then finally we have got this now This is a good old fashioned tnt player launcher the tnt drops down it explodes Firing the player off into the distance and yes as I’m sure you can imagine it is Extremely fast the first design that we’re going to take a look at is of course at the end of Pearl launcher now I had pretty high hopes of this thing But sadly it just wasn’t to be the first time I managed to get was [8.3] seconds Which is relatively fast of course it’s firing the ender pearl 75 blocks, then you have to walk the rest of the distance But that’s not even the problem the problem was was [that] I couldn’t get it to work reliably [I] kept far in the end of [those] into the salon blocks teleport in there or occasionally the ender poles will go [straightaway] through the [salon] blocked and it took me around

About ten minutes to successfully far an ender pearl which I don’t know if that’s [just] my technique but what I can say is that it’s not a method of transportation that I’m going to be using particularly often and Finally on to the last design of today’s video. We’ve got the tnt player launch and now this is by far My favorite it pushed the player 100 blocks in just one point for three seconds Which isn’t actually the fastest and of course when you take into account the tnt fusing sequence it took 5.5 seconds Which isn’t particularly quick in the grand scheme [of] [things] and of course it uses a lot of tnT But that’s why it’s good because it uses quite a lot of tnT So in conclusion if you want the fastest possible [ways] [to] travel 100 blocks then of course you use the new animal Colliders that are Going to be introduced in Minecraft 1.9 If you want the most drama then I would highly suggest using the tnt player launcher Because it uses a lot of tnt if you want the most practical

Then I would probably suggest using a horse and if you want to travel extremely long distances [then] nether portals plus another fast transportation device And you will be absolutely Ready and set to [go], so I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please hit that like button And if you really loved it there make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys This is ben mumbo, and I’m out. I’ll see [you] later

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