Today, I’ve got something so incredible to show you these are the new XBox Minecraft controllers I am so excited and I am even more surprised because this show it was like door And I didn’t even know I didn’t know I had absolutely no idea so huge

Thank you to Xbox because I don’t think you guys understand This just made my day my month my year probably my next five years pigs are my Absolute favorite animal first of all second of all when I was playing Minecraft back in the day on my gaming channel I was doing a whole series of creating a pig palace here.

Here we go all of you come on! come here. Hey look what I have why don’t you want My carrot Dont be stupid Join me it was so much fun. It was probably one of my most favorite series ever I’m sure some of you guys remember if you do a comment below a pig emojI Microsoft also announced a Minecraft Xbox one s Console, and it looks freaking great It basically looks like a block of dirt and on the back It has redstone circuitry so essentially that’s whats powering your xbox the Minecraft console will be out on October 3rd It’s 399 each one of these controllers are also sold separately so if you don’t need a new xbox these ones are each $74.99 But I’m sure a lot of you guys are probably Holding up the new Xbox one x what do you guys think of the project Scorpio version? I’m excited because I just want to be able to call my Xbox one x project Scorpio because I still keep calling it that I’m sure Most of you guys are here for this unboxing, so let’s just get to it because I’m so excited I don’t wanna cut a ha… I gotta cut a box. But I don’t have any scissors.

How Where are my scissors? I’ve nothing. I’ll use this I’m gonna use this WALL-E to cut this OK, WALL-E, do your job Why open it the wrong way. Oh man. Okay. Hold on let’s redo it. I clean up the habit It’s beautiful wow Take a look at this.

I love the color and on the back It’s got this little squiggly which is to signify the little pig’s tail. This thing is so great It is perfectly designed ok now. Let’s open up the creeper one, which is also a very very good luck. Sorry that Wally Man it just looks so incredible And look at the back. It’s got a little TNT here where you put the batteries these are really really well-designed I’m a huge fan.

I even got pixelated text on the button. Well. I guess it’s time for a slow-mo montage Let me know what you guys think of these controllers. I’m super super excited about it I honestly was so surprised that these came in the mail because they were just announced a few days ago a huge Thank you to Xbox and Microsoft for seriously making me like the happiest. I feel like I’m a child I feel like I’m a child if you just opened up their present on Christmas day. It’s not even Christmas It’s not even holidays, it’s on my birthday?!

Thank you, so let me know which one of these controllers is your favorite obviously you clearly know mine And where do you guys mostly play Minecraft you play on your phone? Do you play on PC? Do you play on Mac, do you play on an iPad, do you play on Xbox? One of the things that I’m most excited about is being able to play cross-Platform So no matter what platform you’re on you’ll actually be able to play with your friends And that is was getting me super interested in starting a server again I know I’ve talked about it a bunch And I feel like a lot of you guys might be into that Judging by the comments and the replies and the tweets and the emails that I’ve been getting you guys actually seem pretty into it So I’ll keep you posted. I do Minecraft Maybe making a return, which means I’m gonna have to do a pig palace again. It’s Gonna be pig palace 2017 edition I’ll see you guys later.

Thanks again for watching and that’s it. I’m gonna. Go put batteries in this thing I’ll see you later my babies my precious

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