LEGO Piston – Minecraft

What’s going on guys?

My name is ZaziNombies and today, I’ve built a lego piston from Minecraft. This was built with around 650 individual Lego bricks. Pistons in Minecraft are crafted with wood Cobblestone, as well as an iron ingot, and some redstone. And you can also take it a step further and add a slime ball onto the already crafted piston to make a “sticky piston”.

They’re used for pushing blocks, making cool traps, and secret doors. If you guys want to build your own Lego Minecraft piston Then just start with a sixteen by sixteen black Baseplate. build this up 12 layers tall. For the cobblestone effect I used 4 different shades of gray just fill in all the walls with gray. Make a base plate and Leave of course a 4 by 4 hole right in the middle. You can see the inside…

Nothing too special. There are some smooth tile bricks And that’s just so that when the actual piston goes in, it doesn’t you know stick to the studs. And this Lego Minecraft piston also comes with a lego Lever that I built. And that was built with some dark tan and brown. If you guys want to build your own Lego Minecraft Lever then start with a 6 by 8 grey baseplate. (Then) Build it up three layers Tall. You can give it some gray and white random pixels to give it a little cobblestone texture.

And then of course, some smooth tiles if you wish. Leave a little slot open in the middle. And then of course just chuck in a 2×2 stick of dark tan and brown as well with a little bit of light gray on the top. For the actual wooden parts of the piston, I used a four wide Lego bricks, basically just a big pillar you stick it in the middle and some 1×1 Lego studs too, for that little wooden detail. For the smooth tiles you can take a pause here and just see how the bricks Are laid out. white, brown, as well as tan. So there you have it. The Lego Minecraft piston block.

A much requested Minecraft creation that a lot of you guys wanted to see built, so Thanks so much for watching my videos Let me know in the comments which creation you guys want to see brought to life next? I appreciate a like rating if you guys enjoyed as always, and I’ll see you guys next time.

Great place as well to store some Lego golden coins… As you can see right there.

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