Hello, everyone. I’m going to be in the shopping center It’s a brand new shopping center. They’ve opened it up today, and I’ve kind of given the word that I want to open up a dog shop or pet store And it’s going to be so cool because I have tons and tons of different dogs to show you guys today and it’s all in this chest so I have a total of 27 different Spoilers for different dogs [I] also have 27 bones [for] each of the dogs a dog whistle and a total of six dog homes so who are going to?

Be the Lucky six dogs But it’s going to be quite crazy to say once we get started and let me go [ahead] [and] get out a few of these dogs And my mission today is [to] get out all of these dogs and kind of decide which one is my favorite [to] put on the shelves to [sell] [straightaway] because I’ve been told there’s going to be like a giant reunion to sell all these dogs and I aim to decide which one is the best dog who sell fast or which one? I love the most [if] I don’t sell it okay Let’s go ahead and get started and let’s see what the miniature schnauzer looks like now probably I say some of these names wrong But look how gorgeous they are whoa look at his eyebrows that is so cool And he’s only so tiny chickadee him. He doesn’t even come up to my waist that is crazy.

Whoa. He’s a fast [dogs] [oh] come come back fella. Come back. I’ve got a bone. I’ve got a bone stay in the corner in the corner good ah So enter name, so this is a female and I’m going to call it princess, [whoa] Princess you’re such a gorgeous dog you’re so pretty and then we go ahead and make him or [her] today There you go, and if we right-click again. We can click follow there you go how cool is that? So it’s going to follow me now. I’ll follow me follow me this way this way what stay away from the head And there’s also, just make it today because we have so many more dogs to spawn let’s go ahead and check out

What the blog hound looks like whoa? This blood house is not as bloody as it looks because it’s actually quite a nice dog Let’s give it a bone and we’re going to call this bear Is such a perfect name wow? Bear you’re so cool. Let’s make you stay – do you know [our] bear you’re so pretty [I] won’t actually give you a house So let me go ahead and choose which house to give bear because he has reserved a house So fair, I think this color house would go perfect for him So let’s go ahead and spawn it here and let’s right-click and give us a bear, and there’s his name bear Where is it? Let’s go ahead and give him the house bear this is your house so right click and go home So now anytime we want to get bear out you just go ahead and right click on it and Bear will spawn so cool but bear go home go and have some rest ok and Let’s go ahead and see what our other dogs.

Look like like the miniature pinscher whoa Cool. Look awesome actually you can see is a so spike tub. That [is] crazy Let’s give him a bone and his name is going to be blue if I’m a cancer what happens again feed feed oh patch Spot oh spot is the cool name. You’re going to be called spot how crazy is that but I’ve actually wasted quite a few bones on you because Every time you press cancel it uses a bone Let’s go ahead and spawn another English Mastiff and this one’s going to be crazy Look how big he is come back come back come back they go roxy be good okay be good and let’s go ahead and spawn of the American Starts [Bullshit] Terrier, whoa How crazy do you look that’s cool actually? I like your color okay roxy that’s going to be your name wait. Oh Man, I’ve given you two the same name Roxy Roxy Look, they’re both coming now when I call them okay. That’s it you guys have to stay roxy you stay, okay?

I would have to find a way to change your name I’m so sorry for calling you both Roxy like it should be best friend You never know and let’s go ahead and spawn the Bernese Mountain dog, whoa? Look at this guy. He’s big spot, ahh? Are you kidding me?

I’ve just called two of them spot this guy over here is called spot [-] let me see it’s your name spot. Yes. I’m so sorry. I’m messing this up completely I know let me go ahead and make you stay because now when I gives them homes it’s going to be quite hard, so Let’s get out another home and let me show you what I mean, so here We go right click and which spot is it is it this spot.

I don’t know I never actually know now for this pulling on I’m gonna have to give them my own name because that has to be done the toy poodle whoa What’s your name Gonna be here we go? Punk [oh], no, I don’t like [their] name. I’m gonna call Him bB. BB is such a cool name for dog. There you go and it’s right click and make them stay let’s also do the labrador the – hound and Also the Chihuahua there you go. I actually have a chihuahua, [and] it’s so cute Let’s give [him] a bone, and I’m going to call it um Fifi Fifi’s of [Cornell] I like beefy and a labrador.

We’re going to give him oh oh d and also the – shout Mainly cool names wow let’s say Q and let me go ahead and spawn the airedale terrier Also, the Cardigan welsh corgi and the German Shepherd nice the German Shepherds going to be called I took you how someone cool [it] [Zoe] [&] [Decor] G dixie and This one. No not [roxy] again. We can’t choose roxy. I’m gonna call it Shirley Shirley the cool name isn’t it four little [dogs] are so cute I like shirley and let’s go ahead and get out a few more these spooner’s and also a [doghouse] because [I] have to choose another dog that deserves a house, okay? Let me put the house here and does the dalmatian deserve a house let me have a quick look whoa Cool Princess our princess is such a nice name and the nestle to do the bull terrier Bulgaria [are] not free free let me choose a name.

Let’s call. It heart hot heart It’s hard – nice name. I think it is and this also choose another name for the siberian Husky, whoa? [come] back here husky. Come back don’t hide Rover cool Grover’s a nice name, but guys [you’ve] got to stop following me, okay, even though got bones. They’re not yours to stay and Stay good boys Princess stay Hearts you stay – yeah – hound or Bailey stay Shirley stay and also, odie are you saying okay? Good your thing good and this is a sport the boxer, whoa? There we go sparky cool name. I like sparky. [do] [you] [want] Sparky you deserve a house, okay? Here we go [let’s] [give] this house to sparky and let’s make sparky. Go home buggy. You’re going to go home yet. Good boy good [boy] [okay], let’s get out a few more of these [boners], and we should be good in a minute Especially when we have three more houses cool let’s born the Pembroke welsh Corgi And what’s this one going to be called her honey? Cute name also the beagle our beagle come back.

Oh man. He’s going to find some water, okay? I’ll even be [four] now and [this] was born the doberman pinscher, whoa Husky Husky shh Husky. Please be quiet. Okay. I’ve got [we’ve] got neighbors moving in upstairs [they] told me I can open this store as long as we stay quiet. Okay. Let’s was this born the way morena What is this? What is this dog? What’s this one going to be called Bailey now? I collect Rex whoa hello Rex cool name [and] this is [a] spawn the great dane and the Jack Russell terrier and the French bulldog Whoa he go [french] [bulldog]. Oh, duke. I won’t call it Dis ting dis t. I love such a cool name? Oh and let’s see what we’re going to be called this one No, I’m gonna call it biggs biggs. I think beings is a nice name big. That’s a cool name I think and they’re supposed to go ahead and get at the last piece Corners because it’s gonna be quite crazy with our three houses Okay, here.

We go. We’ve got one house To house and three houses and let’s see the st.. Bernard, whoa Cool dog I’m not duke. I’m the [college] bernard because it goes with his name so much But not you’re so awesome. You deserve a house bernard.

That’s yours and you can go home now Can you go home gone good boy and let’s also spawn the poodle cool ah so cute? I’m also going to be cool Roxy now I think it sounds like a really posh name like rufus rufus is an awesome name [I] think unless to spawn the [pug] also cute dantdm has a black one of these, and I’m gonna call it Foxy [Pudsey] is a cool name [pug] seed you know what you deserve [an] amazing house because I think you’re [gonna] get bullied a little Bit [pugsy] that’s all yours there you go go home and which dog deserves the final one hmM. I? Think rufus does very first [roofers] roofers take over first because you’re quite posh. You deserve a house so you can go home Well guys, it’s been quite a crazy day and is now getting dark So we have to kind of put all these dogs about it’s going to be quite crazy And it’s kind of weird that [they] [all] follow me even when I got home. They probably follow me It’s going to be quite crazy so guys thank you so much watching Don’t forget give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe, and I will see you soon with another video peace out

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