Minecraft – 5 Observer Traps

Hey guys, I’m NiceMark and today I’ve got some traps to show you that use the observer block. As always, you need to keep in mind that there are different ways to make traps. You can use TNT, lava, a drop trap or even try to drown or suffocate the player.

The ones I show in this video will focus primarily on TNT. All of these Minecraft traps are simple to make.

The first tutorial is going to be longer than the other ones since it’s going to explain my favourite way of priming the traps with TNT to make them explode faster, but enough of talking, let’s get to the traps! The first trap is the good old tree trap. When a player breaks the bottom block of the tree it will blow up. I’m using TNT minecarts for an instant explosion, followed up by normal TNT which is blown up quicker than usually since the TNT minecarts started a chain reaction.

If you are interested in more traps that use TNT minecarts, there will be a link in the description to even more traps, but now let’s continue to the tutorial: Find a tree, under the bottom log place an observer block, place a powered rail, make sure there is a block behind it and empty space in front of it with another block after it. Place 2 TNT mine carts on the rails. If you want the explosion to start off slightly faster, place a fence in the empty space. Now this alone isn’t going to kill the player, but you can place as much TNT as you want around it. The observer blocks can detect when a door opens or closes and you can place doors on top of observer blocks. This won’t look so hidden for all doors though. You can make redstone lamp BUDs again, so why not use them for traps? Would you expect a lamp to be a trap?

I wouldn’t. In this case you can set it off with string, so it will activate when something touches the string or when somebody breaks the string. For more information on how lamp BUDs work you can watch my recent video on them, the video link will be in the description. Similarly to the door trap, you can also use observer blocks for trapdoor traps. It may be easy to spot though so I’d just use a door instead if possible. Finally, a way to set up a secret trap on rail tracks is by using the lamp BUD trick for powered rails. We are using string again, which updates the powered rails, which is detected by an observer block.

Of course I had to blow the track up, but this is actually one of the traps that can be made resettable by sending the player off into lava or doing fall damage, and you can collect their items this way too. Because it’s the string and powered rail that are used for detecting the player, there is no way of telling that there is a potential trap on the rails as there’s no detector rail involved, also this Minecraft trap will only get triggered when a player is actually riding the minecart.

I hope you like these Minecraft traps, they are really easy to build now with the new observer blocks and them detecting some things that a normal BUD doesn’t add new possibilities. Do you know any other uses for observers when it comes to traps? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all later, bye bye!

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