LEGO Minecart – Minecraft

All right. What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies. And today, I’ve built the Minecraft Minecart. This was of course crafted with five Lego iron ingots. And I’ve given it some wheels as well. And we’re out here on the tracks, to bring it out, give it a little test drive. In Minecraft the minecarts- They basically float on the tracks. But I’ve given it some lego wheels as I said. to you know, be able to roll around. It rolls pretty good as well. And there you can see I put… I’ve got a lego track as well. to you know, have it roll across.

There you can see I used a lot of smooth Lego bricks. For that sort of inside It’s got that kind of worn look you know some “coal” sort of that “steel” look as well. Light gray and dark grey were the two main colors for this creation. And if you guys want to build your own Lego Minecart, you can take a pause pretty much anywhere in the video. The tracks were just built with some tan, light gray, dark gray smooth bricks. And uh…

The dimensions for the Minecart are 20 by 16. And there you can see the tracks. It’s got that sort of dark tan Lego brick for the kind of gravel I guess, in the middle of the tracks. So Minecraft can be customized to place different blocks in them you know: Chests, hoppers, that sort of thing. And they’re one of two vehicles in Minecraft. The other being the boat, which we’ve brought to life with Lego as well. So now we have the Minecart to add to our collection. Hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you guys want to see built next? And I’ll see you guys in another video.

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