LEGO Minecraft Steve’s Castle

What’s going on guys? My name is ZaziNombies and today I’ve built the biggest addition to our Lego Minecraft world series yet. This is a massive Lego Minecraft castle. It stands at over two feet tall and three feet wide is built with an estimated 20,000 Lego bricks.

I used torches and trees and tons of light gray pieces even some pickaxes and for the center Jewel we have cake and some statues with uh some fish Also, it comes with tons of lego accessories and mobs which I’ll go over in a second, but Steve has some alternate skins, too We have King Steve complete with a diamond cape We have Steve the peasant and of course Steven in his full-on diamond armor The ultimate defense for Steve and you can see Lego has official creepers now, so that’s awesome You can see him taking out a couple of them there. It’s a long way down to the bottom Inside it’s fully furnished. So we have a lego enchanting room and lots of food as well And it’s so big that it can make a house for a small pet as you can see there I use lots of little light Gray profile bricks to give it that detail inside I use tons of smooth tiles and the towers come off and Steve has a nice Bedroom.

If you guys want to build this lego Minecraft bed. It was built on a six by four brown baseplate I used red smooth tiles for the blankets and then white. For the creeper Banner I used green tiles And that’s definitely the secret for that polished Minecraft look Lots of tiles you can see I used a dark gray light gray and then black and white for the checkerboard inside I also used yellow and green stem flower pieces to give it some decoration. And for the battlements I used some lot 2×2 Lego Bricks. Also King Steve has his trusty steed the pig, and a zombie janitor I’m Sure, if you’ve played Minecraft at some point you’ve attempted to or have built a castle and from Lego it’s not too different Just have to start with a base plate and then of course Sort of all your grey and dark grey.

Those are definitely the main colors if you want to make a stone castle if you want to make it out of snow or gold then sort out your white or yellow. Uh the bricks as well, to get the little details I use lots of pillar pieces that helps to save bricks And if you have little bricks with designs on them like bricks or lines in them that can give it some extra Detail as well, but you can just pretty much go crazy with it You can see also the ender dragon is big enough to fit in there So that can be Steve’s pets and defend it from any other Greedy dragons that want to take it over.

I also use some pickaxes on the walls and even some little statues as well There’s also a light brick in the fireplace just to give it that sort of Lava Glow like you can do in Minecraft. The trees were polished out with green smooth tiles And I used a ton of dark grey bricks on the base just to give it that sort of Cobblestone look But there you have it I hope you guys enjoyed this Lego Minecraft Castle let me know in the comments your idea for the next Lego creation make sure to give the video a thumbs up if you guys want to see some more stuff on this sort of scale and Thank you guys so much for watching my videos So I’ll see you guys in another video with another Lego creation a great place as well to store some lego Golden coins As you can see right there

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