BETTER TOGETHER 1.2 IS OUT NOW! Minecraft Xbox Update

Hello, i’m ibxtoycat and welcome back to another video Today I have some pretty big news to share with you all guarding Minecraft 1.2 or the better together update for Minecraft on the Xbox because it now officially has released out of me making this video and over the Next few hours you should be able to see and you should be able to download it yourself Which means this officially marks the time where the brand-new version of Minecraft is Overtaking slash replacing the old version, so this is a really big deal for a bunch of reasons I wanted to explain in today’s video, but first I want to talk about how you can actually get this a little bit earlier than you meant to be up to of a little Bit of a weird glitch that’s been working people but first Hopefully you do enjoy video like if you feel like it cause it helps out the channel off and lets me know you do like these update Out videos I want to keep on seeing them whenever an update comes out It’s really surprising seeing up they come out at 7 p.m. But that’s what we saw with this update today, so yeah Let’s so quickly just clarify the openers clarifies that it will be slowly growing out over the next day or so and keep your eyes Open for it and the reason that’s gonna take a day for this update to roll out is because they’re granting ownership of a brand new game

To millions of Minecraft Xbox one players they’re mine, they’re not just rolling out playing on who has it digitally But if you have the disc version and you played five hours, then you’ll still get the game, too So they’ve got a manually go through that whole system I guess and they’ve got to change the ownership over and then they’ve got to send out the downloads apparently that takes about day or So and that’s kind of the big deal, I guess, but yeah If you’re on the Xbox one you will be able to download this better together update if you want to get it in faster Just to kind of give you that little sneak peak before we go any further on this then basically you can go to your store You can go to manage game if you launch the game from there for most people including other youtubers that has been able to work And it gets you the full release update I don’t know

Why didn’t work me? But it has worked for one else just keep that in mind you can play the full version of the game all you have to Do is go to the store and do that so yeah, This is the Bettis game update no much has changed since the last beta It’s still filled with bugs as it so turns out, but now it’s officially moved over so your old DLCs move over and a lot of other changes and basically this being official is kind a big deal because it also enables realms so lots of you know doors are opening because Even though this is the same updates before now It’s official lots of things have changed and really than me that’s gonna be a big deal for you know I guess us as the Minecraft console community over the next few days And I want to talk about what those are as we realize those of the next day or so but first let’s get the Fundamentals right so the update is now out the betters giver updates out for the Xbox one which means you can now officially Again play of the play you know the Windows 10 and the POC Edition stuff again wasn’t properly possible before this should be rolling out Very shortly for the switch, which means Xbox one and switch users well

We have to play together for the first time Really really big deal because again this has never been done before you know of like a proper release game But it’s gonna be done here where Xbox one switch players and Windows 10 players and pocket edition You know phone players can all play in the same world.

That’s something That’s gonna Be happening and because of the server thing you can even have your same world which transfers across all of those things because it all uses xbox live account You’ll be able to have your same DLC transfer calls of those which means that what it’s actually worth doing is if you own all of these editions It’s a log in to them at least once because all of your DLC is now Harmonized across all of that if you buy something or if you have bought something on your xbox one now It is available to play on your Windows 10 and your Android etc devices and that’s kind of one of the positive out you know upsides this whole thing the fact that we go DLC transfers over because you

Only need to own it once is you know it’s a little bit like you know cherry on the cake I feel like if you don’t like this update And there’s a lot of reasons not to then that’s something that’s at least happen however again I want to kind of clarify This is the first time we’re an update coming out hasn’t just been this purely amazing thing, and this is really great Don’t get me wrong This is such a big deal being a play realms and being unplayable flares and having this brand-new version the game I’ve had a lot Of fun bit as you can see over the last few days however. I want to quickly clarify I feel like they’ve released this you know that when there was a beta. We could you know say Oh, yeah, well, they’re gonna fix the bugs cause it’s a beta, but now it’s not a beta It still has performance issues it still has crashing issues my worlds doesn’t transfer over and you know maybe we’ll see that be fixed over

The next one or so, but it just seems like they could stop calling it beta But it very much clearly is a beta to me at least and yeah that means that I feel like they’ve moved over prematurely I felt like they were moving over ultra maturely as it was you know like we’re missing so many features from your blush now But now I’m moving over like extra prematurely before it’s even properly bug tested And I think that’s a little bit of a weird one, but other than that I am excited I will be streaming it very shortly. You know if it’s a night stream I guess if I if I get it in time if not then I guess we’ll play something else, but yeah I’m very excited about the idea for this I’m excited to start a realm on the console and somebody firsts are being done with this update And I think that’s kind of a big thing So I just wanted to get though you know kind of both things across there cause I was a bit conflicted on this but it Is very good news in general because now I can start on minecraft Xbox realm that I can then play with me on the go That’s honestly. I know this is such a weird thing.

That’s one of the things I’m really excited about about this update being able to have an Xbox one realm that I can play on my phone if I need to or if I have my switch in them you know, I can’t play on a plane because no internet but if I buy switch And I’m like at an airport or something. I’ll be able to play it there too anywhere where I have internet I will be able to play this game and that’s so exciting to me personally so yeah the 1.2 better together is up now everyone is better Together at least when they get the update so actually not right now But very shortly everyone’s gonna be better together everyone can play realms together All of the you know like skin stuff full of the DLC stuff, it’s gonna start working a lot better And I think that’s good news I think this is mostly just like if you didn’t like the old thing then what you know it doesn’t suck anymore But if you did like it then all of the positives from the old version and now transferring over And I think that’s kind of a big thing, and I figured I’d make this video So you know exactly what’s going on with this update as always so yeah five minutes to let you know about the update and usually We talk about The Change log in these videos, but for the most part this update Isn’t really updates so going for a change log feels a bit weird because the official changes in this change log are only really relevant To pocket edition Windows players, would you mentally I know a lot of you all that but you know again?

We everyone knows about this because the beta for the next updates going forwards It’ll be Ashley updates, but this is just a brand new version of the game So I wanted to talk about the changes and what that means so hopefully you’ll enjoyed this very different update video like if you liked It because it helps out the channel a lot and lets me know you do like these kinds of videos share if you really liked it and subscribe if your new around here I make videos Like this one and I stream every single day on this channel talk about this new version of Minecraft trying to help people get grips there And if you appreciate that then subscribing liking sharing is the best way to let me know

Thank you very much watching and one more thing actually there’s a skin pack Just the YouTuber skins, and now there’s officially the toy cat skin isn’t that nice be I think very much for watching And I’ll see you all in the next video. Goodbye

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