Minecraft: How to make a Working Microwave

HOW TO MAKE A MICROWAVE Today I’ll make a microwave you can use to cook all of your food automatically! :] It looks great and will even make a ‘ding’ sound once it’s done cooking!
It’s easiest to make it up against a wall. The birch wood here will be a counter that continues along the entire wall.. It’s easiest to start with the hidden functional parts of the microwave.
The system transfers uncooked items to the furnace which are then cooked. Once an item is cooked, it’s sent to the dispenser which will dispense it to you. To make the dispenser shoot out items, we need to activate it whenever there’s something inside. As you can see, this setup does exactly that. Now you can add the little ‘ding’ sound that plays whenever an item is cooked. Make sure there’s no block below or above the noteblock if you want the right sound.. You need to add fuel to the furnace by hand.. It can keep it working for a long time, but you’ll eventually have to refuel it. Now for all the visible stuff! Hm, I guess it would have been smart to do this before setting up the system below.. There we go, that’s my favorite! You’ll be able to throw your uncooked food items through to the front painting. The biggest challenge about coming up with the design was defintely keeping it small.. :I I thing it looks pretty good though! Let’s test it out! Here I have some food I want cooked! I’ll simply throw it in and wait a bit.. There we go! You could actually throw 6 different stacks of items in at the same time and it’ll automatically cook it all! 😀 Easy peasy! It likely fits the rest of your current kitchen!

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