LEGO Minecraft The First Night 21115 The Farm 21114

Hello everyone Hello Today We’re going to make Lego Minecraft’s Farm and First Night Yeah. Finally Lego Minecraft Yoyoyoyo • • • So excited~ There are also birch trees Let’s open them. This somehow looks like a grass block In the First Night, there are Bags 1, 2, 3, a green board and the manual In the Farm, there are Bags 1 and 2, green boards, a blue board and the manual Both have Steve in them OK, let’s get started Begin building [Sounds of slashing] Oh, Creeper’s body Eh, scary, scary I can’t find it Let’s leave it alone I should search for it again later It’s zombied No, it’s Creeper-ed, Creeper-ed [Sheep’s head] You’ve got a nice head.

I’ve cover it with pumpkins That’s right. I didn’t notice the enderman There is a furnace Flower pot, nice Mom, look at this I can close it, and open it Kan-chan loves buildings I’m replicating the windowpane with a transparent block Baaa It is super annoying, isn’t it? Cow, horse, horse Wrong, it shouldn’t be a horse. Is it a zebra? [Breasts] You shouldn’t look there… I made a skeleton. The interior is pretty well decorated Finally, for this house I built I set up a door Is this oak? A torch is here I’ve made the birch tree The roof is completed It can also be removed Completed [Completed] We did it. Yeah. Look at the camera The skeleton also looks at the camera I am going into the house now Bye bye This is a chest There is bread inside it. This is a working table This is a bed. In this area, there are A flowerpot, a furnace, and a desk You can also go to the rooftop Let’s go Dangerous~ You can cut down the tree here [Sounds of slashing] [Sounds of clopping] We can get the logs from here We have a nice view from the top of the leaves here Someone is doing farm work Well let me take over the work then Here are the animals Sheep and cows People there are feeding pigs [Pig sounds] Yeah, they are full. Dangerous, dangerous Just have a little rest in the shade You can cut down the tree I’m raising various plants here Sugarcane and carrots And over here Here is a pumpkin It would be nice Digging, digging…

See? Yeah! When you kill an enderman Don’t forget to wear a pumpkin Here are sugarcanes and carrots in order It is the mechanism to raise them Go, go, creeper’s marathon We’ll take the first place in the national tournament Respawn Oh, creeper Respawn What have you done? Kick Steve’s day [Sounds of walking] I’m leaving now (Sounds of walking and jumping) Good morning, pig-chan Let’s go out today as well. Let’s go and bring a carrot from the farm next door I can really ride it in Minecraft [Pig sounds] What are you doing You don’t have permission.

You can’t take it Got it [Pig sounds] Oh, never mind, because I have quite a lot of carrots here Here is your reward [Pig sounds] Hey, you You took a carrot from me a little while ago Oh, you caught us. Recently you told me that you didn’t have enough sugarcanes Yes, I used them to make paper Thank you, piggy Let me know if you need anything anytime.

Wow~ I got it! Let’s plant one here Well then, piggy, you stay home Because I have something to do there [Door sounds] I am going to mine ores I have been digging until late Good night [Pig sounds] This pig has been eating too much [Pig sounds] [Pig sounds] [It seems the pig cannot be put inside because it is overweight] [Sounds of collision] The pig is getting bigger~ I’ll force it in from here [Sounds of pushing] [Sounds of door closing] The torches we see in Minecraft are reproduced to the smallest detail It’s really a very cute Lego Everyone, please make it and play Well then Let’s go play this First Night and play on the Farm One, two Bye bye, see you again See you

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