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They couldn’t delete Herobrine from Minecraft..

Minecraft A game of infinite wonder, and endless possibilities For 2 and a half years, Ive dedicated my time on Youtube to seeing just how far I could really push this game. My adventures have allowed me to put on display some truly remarkable occurrences. Do you want to carry the weight of multiple universes… Read more »

Real-World Clock with Command Blocks – Minecraft 1.12

Time is an interesting concept. It’s something that we all deal with on a day-to-day basis; but what about keeping track of time in the good old game of punching trees and mining blocks? One of my favourite examples of keeping time in Minecraft is this awesome piece of engineering right here, using discrete redstone… Read more »

LEGO Minecraft The First Night 21115 The Farm 21114

Hello everyone Hello Today We’re going to make Lego Minecraft’s Farm and First Night Yeah. Finally Lego Minecraft Yoyoyoyo • • • So excited~ There are also birch trees Let’s open them. This somehow looks like a grass block In the First Night, there are Bags 1, 2, 3, a green board and the manual… Read more »