I only ate MINECRAFT FOODS for 24 hours!!!

It is nighttime right now, and I’m actually about to go to bed but I wanted to make the intro for this video because when I wake up in the morning and for the next 24 hours I am challenging myself Into only eating foods that are available on Minecraft, and I know you’re thinking, this is crazy And it’s gonna be super difficult But I’ve got way too much free time and also no friends and on that note I’m actually gonna go to bed now And I’ll see you guys in the morning, and I’m definitely not crying myself to sleep…

Later on in this video for lunch, and dinner we’re gonna be trying some foods that are more complex like foods That’re actually difficult to craft if you’ve ever played Minecraft, but for breakfast I actually really wanted to keep it simple So we’re actually going to be making breakfast out of really basic like Minecraft Ingredients and apart from cookies, which is the only one that I think you have to like craft separately?

Everything else is pretty easy to find on Minecraft… I think so we’ve got some milk Mushrooms bread and then also some eggs and pumpkin seeds. I’m no chef I am terrible at cooking my first name is Raphael my last name is Gomes but my middle name is trash So giggles this is very promising.

What do I feel like having for breakfast today?

I’m gonna go with carbs You know when someone wins an Oscar and they thank they’re parents I’d probably make my whole speech about bread attempts to cut the bread precisely This is the slice that I’m gonna eat, I think this is gonna be an amazing breakfast Okay, so we’ve got these two slices of bread very poorly sliced also I just realized I made a mess on the thing that I’m supposed to be cooking in I’m gonna say that maybe we should start by cooking this giant brown mushroom, and then putting it on top of the toast with some scrambled eggs hmm.. that sounds really good, maybe we should slice this mushroom in like half attempts to cut the mushroom in half supposedly Okay, I messed up, this is clearly not half. We’re just gonna commit to it I’m just gonna randomly chop this mushroom Do you hear that? it’s making a sound?

We’re cooking! I’m gonna keep the mushroom on this side and on this side We’re gonna attempt to make some scrambled eggs cracks the egg and tries to cook it ayy!! there goes the egg! Gonna add some salt to everything is there salt in Minecraft? (there isn’t) I’m pretty sure there’s only sugar? uhh.. this is me attempting to make scrambled eggs good job rapha :3 Think this is no really scrambled eggs, but the best we can do So we’re gonna toast up the bread pieces now With some olive oil… looking back now We would make more sense to use butter because I mean there’s so many cows every time I play Minecraft but! weird sound I think this might be overcooked now. Oh no, It’s actually looking great.

This is looking good I’m a chef look what I’m making! Gordon Ramsay, I am coming for your brand. I am super impressed to myself because This is going to be a good breakfast who knew that the Minecraft video is gonna be the one with the best breakfast, okay? Now I’m gonna put the scrambled eggs and mushroom I seriously had one job! If I was in the Minecraft world I’d make a kick-ass Breakfast the problem is that I probably wouldn’t make it to breakfast because I probably died in the first night And I’m gonna sprinkle some pumpkin seeds on top even though it doesn’t really go Shook! to the core we need in your words guys shook is really dying here. Honestly. If you don’t think that looks amazing What is wrong with you? There’s no cereal on Minecraft?

There’s only cookies That’s the only thing you can actually craft, so I’m gonna break the cookies into little bits And it’s gonna be like cookie cereal which is genius (so true) and to that (the milk in the bowl) we’re gonna add our cookie, okay, so I’m gonna just break this into little pieces and I’m sorry guys, but this is genius and that’s it guys! We made some scrambled egg with mushroom on toast, and we also made some cookies cereal That’s very improvised, but I’m very proud of Mmm… Minecraft cereal is better than actual cereal mmm…

Cheers!! impressed_rapha.jpeg Gordon Ramsay is officially fired giggles This is really good. If literal trash can make this out of Minecraft ingredients. Honestly. This is the living proof The everything is possible in life Sign me up for the Minecraft world if this is breakfast everyday because this was incredible, so I’ll see you guys for lunch now as The starter we’re gonna be having the Minecraft classic that is Beetroot soup, then as a main. We’re going to be having a whole chicken just chicken no sides Nothing else just a whole cooked chicken, which is also probably the most like famous like Minecraft food. and for dessert We’re gonna be having a watermelon. I know you’re thinking and no, this is not my hamsters pee even though It giggles smells pretty damn similar

This is actually vegetables stock because I mean we have to use something for the foundation for our soup I didn’t want to add other vegetables or any other ingredient. That’s not available in Minecraft we’re actually going to be making the soup in a blender because I’m all about shortcuts and The least amount of work to get to my goals. That’s the path I take in life Honestly, this smells like dirt if you’re impressed by that then you’re probably as trash as me because you’ve never seen vegetables in your life We’re gonna start by adding the beetroot. I’m not sure if this is too big and if it’s gonna like Blend and for the remaining three pieces of be true I’m actually gonna cut them into little pieces because

I don’t like my soup when it’s like to liquidate I’m not on a diet I mean truth to be told my whole life is a diet “the chicken nugget diet” Jamie Oliver who I’m highly suspicious of this vegetable stock because he genuinely Smells like my hamsters piss and like you know making that out. I’m gonna add the vegetable stock I’m gonna put this on deep voice tight. sound of blending blender :3 This looks so gross look at that smells and almost died this literally smells like ||| ||| ||| grossed_rapha.jpeg This looks, so gross and the consistency of it is killing me disgusted_rapha.png It’s so salty.. and it’s so sour.. I don’t get it.. and it’s also kind of bitter.. disgusted_rapha_2.png And this is the Main for lunch, which is a whole chicken, and I’m not making that out

That is a whole cooked chicken The other option was to eat a raw chicken, and I don’t think so I think we might break one of the legs oh There’s something about eating chicken like that there really grossing me out No flavor whatsoever It’s just chicken I mean it’s definitely better than the beetroot soup because I Can eat this without like throwing up and for dessert for lunch We got some watermelon here, and I know that every time I say in a video that I don’t like watermelon Everybody comes for me in like full strength. I honestly don’t know why I don’t like watermelon cuz I should like it theoretically Ayy! we did it! That Was a really good sound though. That was a very ASMR. Why did I get such a base lice? I have no I’ve already where I had so much chicken This is actually not bad, am I a watermelon person now? Look at me filming a YouTube video and eating watermelon Bethany Mota is shook my life is whoo I’m coming for everyone’s brand today Beauty gurus look at me eating this watermelon.

I am really not funny and I’m gonna go It is finally dinner time now. I’m going to say that I’m not even that hungry, which is really good because It means that food wasn’t that bad throughout the day so as a main we’ve got these mushrooms stew. Actually manage to find this on the takeaway around me which was good So I don’t have to actually make it and for dessert We’re gonna be making probably the the most famous like sweet food on minecraft Which is a pumpkin pie! instead of pumpkin crust? We’re actually gonna be using a short crust why? Because that’s all they had at my local supermarket I mean I tried to find like actual pumpkin pie crusts, but they didn’t have any yay for honesty So I’m gonna start by putting the short crust on this like miniature bowl I’m just gonna perfect this a little bit And then we’re gonna move on to making the filling oh And by the way guys as you can see I changed for my own merch This is my own merch! (they are not out sadly 🙁 ) And I know a lot of you guys wanted to know Where you can get this even though my merge is officially non sale anymore I have actually own 50 at home so if any of you guys really really wanted this is gonna Be like it’s really gonna. Go really quickly, but what I’m gonna Do is I’m gonna put them on sale on my..

Default app so I’m gonna put all the information in the description down below if any of you are interested This is looking pretty good and by pretty good. I mean pretty average, but that’s just me in life this filling is basically one egg huh a Little bit of crunch does it harm anybody and to the egg, we’re gonna add some of the condensed milk so That’s a lot of condensed milk if I ever have a child in the future. I’m gonna name It first named condensed lastname milk, and now I’m gonna add the pumpkin puree how much I don’t know I’m just guessing disgusting_sound.mp3 And that’s basically it so now we’re gonna fill up our short cast… short cast? This is looking really Good, okay. Let me smooth out the top a little bit You can’t really see it too well But this is what the pie looks like I’m gonna put this in the oven for 20 minutes And we’ll try it in the end we’re gonna eat the mushroom stew now and I mean not too excited about this because it Doesn’t look very good.

I have to be honest the pie is still very hot and it looks pretty good Maybe should have cooked for maybe 10 minutes longer, but like I always say I’ve eaten worse So I’m not sure if you can see, but this is what the mushroom stew looks like I think I don’t mind this too much Honestly it’s not that bad it kind of tastes like Indian food It tastes like a mixture of French food and Indian food all in one and I kind of love it This short crust didn’t really cook entirely, but I kind of liked it it definitely doesn’t look bad impressed_rapha_2.jpeg Okay the filling is everything I’m gonna eat just the crunchy bits on top on the side because the bottom is very very soggy and Actually undercooked not because I made it, but this filling is Better than any pumpkin pie filling.

I’ve had I am very talented in making fictional foods taste not that bad or make up eat my standards are just down low Definitely let me know in the comment section down below what other kind of 24-hour videos you want to see from me Please don’t forget to give this video a like also subscribe to my channel I really appreciate the support guys you guys are amazing You treat me the best like

I always I was reading the comments on my previous videos and some people are being a little bit Mean (they are means) and saying that I’m annoying (no they are annoying) or you know and so many of you guys like I know you usernames (tag one! LOL) I know who you are We’re like just Coming for me like saving me and saying like don’t say that and I don’t know that just it warms my heart to think that (were fans not haters.. as a fan were here to protect you!) people Care about me in a nice way Because I I never had that in life.

Thank you for being sweet. Thank you for caring about me I care for you guys so much You know that I’m always gonna have your back so if you need me hit me up on social media on the YouTube comments Anywhere if you’re interested in the merch I’m actually gonna be shipping these myself. So this is gonna be a lot of work, but Anything for you guys. I love you guys, and I’ll see you on my next video. Bye. Bye

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